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Bound Beneath His Pain - Stacey Kennedy
Bound Beneath His Pain is the first book in Stacy Kennedy’s new series called Dirty Little Secrets. I have not read a book by her and I have to say, I’m glad I got the chance.

So, I read that it is a spin off her other series Club Sin and if this is how Ms Kennedy writes, I’ll definitely be interested in reading the rest.

Characters, Allie Bennett and Micah Holt, are two different people with their own secrets.
Micah, the real estate magnate, exerts his dominance in all areas of his life, including his personal and professional life. Being in the spotlight, he needs to keep his secret hidden from the paparazzi, who hunt him for any type of defamation.

This book is delectable, so VERY hot and includes parts of BDSM but it is loaded with fiery passion that makes you keep turning the pages.


I love a good paranormal book.

Blood Rose (Blood Books Book 1) - Danielle Rose-West
I love a good paranormal book. And this Blood Rose was it. I actually thought I posted my review already, but as I was going through... it disappeared. This was a great debut novel with neat twists and turn with book good and bad creatures. Avah, one of the main characters changed into something she normally kills. She had powers before, but has even more special powers now. It was a great read; beginning to end. Book 2, Blood Magic will be coming out soon, so I won’t give too much away of the Blood Rose. You’ll have to read this fantastic number to find out what happens to Avah and her journey.